How to Pay-off a Bridge Loan

How to Pay-off a Bridge Loan

Borrowers get into bridge loans, also known as “short term loans” for expediency, thinking they will exit when they are ready.

There are lots of bridge lenders. Those lenders rely mostly on loan-to-values of 50-70% of the property’s market value. The bridge loans tend to yield 7% to 12 % annually, depending on the property’s location and the sponsor.

Now you are in the bridge deal because it was easier to qualify. The exit can always be a sale of the subject property, but if you need to refinance the bridge out, what do you do?

  1. Get the property leased up
  2. Fix the differed maintenance
  3. Clear up any negative credit issues


If you now want a longer term and cheaper loan, then be prepared to check all of the boxes required for a new “non-bridge” loan.

Dominion Mortgage, where I work, makes bridge loans and we take our clients out of them with better terms once they qualify.

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