Success Stories

Some of Dominion America Realty Advisors successes are:

Satisfied Client #1

This developer came to Dominion with a broken construction project for an assisted living facility. Dominion stopped the foreclosure and through its negotiations with the existing construction lender, the project got back on course towards successful completion.

Satisfied Client #2

This owner came to Dominion for assistance in negotiating a substantial discount with his existing lender which had filed bankruptcy. In addition to negotiating on behalf of its client for the bankruptcy court to honor the discount, Dominion offered a creative capital stack in order for its client to realize substantial savings.

Satisfied Client #3

This not-for-profit entity retained Dominion to analyze and negotiate a discounted loan payoff so that their pending FHA guaranteed financing could be completed. Without Dominion's success in negotiating the payoff, the required underwriting parameters for their new financing could not be achieved.

Satisfied Client #4

This long time client had a matured CMBS loan secured by his nursing facility. The client was not able to refinance and the lender was lock boxing all the available proceeds. Dominion negotiated a loan extension as well as the return of excess cash flow payments back to the satisfied client.

Satisfied Client #5

An experienced retail center owner came to Dominion needing assistance with a matured loan in which two of the anchor tenants had gone bankrupt. The lender filed a notice of default on the borrower and was in the process of a judicial foreclosure. Dominion was able to persuade the lender to rescind the foreclosure without prejudice so the borrower could maintain his good credit status. Additionally, we negotiated a substantial discount to the loan as well as a 1 year extension. The satisfied client now can re-tenant the space and has time to exit the loan accordingly.

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