Loan Restructuring

Dominion America Realty Advisors ("DARA") is a borrower advocate in the negotiation, extension and discount of existing mortgages. DARA deals on behalf of the borrower on mature CMBS, bank, and institutional real estate loans.

DARA has saved borrowers their equity in many difficult scenarios whereas the lender refused to discuss a resolution with the borrower or his/her attorney.

DARA has successfully restructured, extended, and caused matured loans to discount favorably to the borrower. DARA's skills and efforts have resulted in borrowers not having to file for bankruptcy; therefore saving the borrower's good credit rating and peace of mind.

Are you frustrated with the response from your lender on your commercial mortgage loan? Is your loan due? Is your property worth less than you owe? Do you need to lower your interest rate so you can make payments? Does your loan need to be restructured, recast or extended? If you answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then contact us today.

If your loan size is $2,000,000 or more on the following commercial property types nationwide:

  • Healthcare real estate
  • Industrial properties
  • Busted condos
  • Apartment complexes
  • Broken construction projects
  • Single or multi-tenant commercial properties Dominion America Realty Advisors.

Dominion America Realty Advisors is a "results oriented" group of professionals who work for you.

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