Mezzanine Financing

What exactly is "mezzanine financing" and how does it differ from "hard money loans"?

This financing vehicle is a "hybrid" of equity and debt, and used to expand a company's liquidity or complete a real estate project. Unlike a hard money loan that is solely secured against the real estate asset, a mezzanine loan is secured by a pledge, or assignment, of the property's ownership entity. Often a mezzanine lien is not secured by the real estate asset. A mezzanine structured loan can provide a higher "loan to value" than a hard money loan.

Dominion offers mezzanine financing, and given today's contracting lending environment, more and more opportunities are available to take advantage of this capital.

Most all property types can qualify for mezzanine financing and both major MSA and tertiary locations are considered.

We look for mezzanine opportunities in all 50 states, and prefer transactions beginning at $5 million (lower amounts on a case-by-case basis only).

Equity Financing

What is a single definition of "equity financing"?

A higher leveraged financing option typically used when the existing senior lender prohibits subordinated debt financing.

Similar property types, locations, and sizes to our mezzanine program, Dominion's equity structure varies based upon the following:

  • Stabilized cash-flowing properties
  • Repositioning or "value-add" properties
  • Rehab/expansion
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