Dominion Mortgage Corporation

Company Overview

Dominion was founded in 1976. From its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Dominion lends nationwide on commercial and healthcare related real estate.

Dominion provides and delivers a variety of financing options for commercial properties. From apartments to hospitals, from bridge loans to low fixed-rate permanant financing, from Anchorage to Miami... Dominion is here to serve your mortgage and financing needs.

Recognized as a leader in the mortgage lending industry featured at the Washington DC "Meet the Lenders" Conference and in National Real Estate Investor magazine, Dominion's senior staff has served on numerous investment and credit committees, including the American Medical Association's Credit Committee. Dominion employees have written articles for the Mortgage Bankers Magazine, Commercial Mortgage Insight, The Crittenden Report, and Business Week Magazine. Dominion is a long-standing member of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

Dominion has never lost sight of its goal to be "fast, fair, and friendly!"

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